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Parking and Drop-Off

Before and after school is a busy time at Dorothea Walker, with students catching the bus, at the cross-walk, on foot, on bikes, on scooters or in cars.  In the interest of the safety of our students and your children, we ask that you:

 PLEASE do not use the staff parking lot for drop off or pick up.  No exceptions unless pre-approved by the principal (daycare vans are permitted, with a permit).  It is unsafe, and we have had SEVERAL near-misses.  Take the extra time to find a parking space.  

PLEASE do not park in the "no parking zone" directly in front of the school.  This is a drop-off /pick-up area for SD23 busses that are coming in from field trips, or transporting students to or from their home.

PLEASE do not park in, or block, our neighbor's driveways.