Principal’s Message

DWE Principal's Message, September30, 2018

It is an absolute pleasure to be returning to the Ecole Dorothea Walker Elementary community!  

With our continued growth in enrollment, we now have  8 divisions in the English stream and 14 divisions in French Immersion. We will be welcoming approximately 510  students this year from Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

The coming year will be an exciting one as we extend our work with our re-designed Provincial Curriculum to implement new reporting procedures . The Ministry of Education website is an excellent resource for ongoing updates on all educational matters  and is available for you to view at  I encourage you to explore this site and continue to learn about the changes and rationale behind them and to remain informed about current assessment and reporting processes.

Last year our staff engaged in an inquiry process to guide us in setting goals for the coming year. Through this work which involved our staff, our students and our Parent Advisory Council, we have identified three key areas of focus. One is to continue to promote the development of personal and social awareness in our students, focusing on the Core Competencies detailed in the redesigned curriculum.   Another is to implement an inquiry model to enhance learning across the curriculum.   Because we recognize the importance of continuous professional learning to support our goals, as adult learners we will work in small groups on focused inquiry. We are committed to building an inclusive and innovative learning environment for our students, staff and parents.

It is our belief that we teach kind and respectful behavior through our own conduct and day to day interactions. In decision making it is our intention to make the most equitable decision for all involved, guided by what we believe to be in the best interests of our students. As a staff, we believe in the importance of community and will do our best to teach, model and practice positive social decision making.  We appreciate your support as we work together to maintain a positive inclusive learning environment for all students.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or phone. I look forward to meeting you and working with you and your children over the coming years!

Sue Bergen