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Book Lists

Link:  Listopia Good Reads : If you go only one place, go here!

  • arranged by age
  • searchable by genre
  • contains other "best books" like Newberry

Link:  Children's Book Council

  • arranged by grade
  • site has past winning lists and other lists by subject


 The following are a few selections of websites that have no advertising, but do contain easily searchable information. Check them out!

Monroe County Public Library

If you go to one site for book lists, let this be it. In addition to having lists of award winning books (Newbery, Caldicott), it also has Read Alouds Too Good to Miss, and a huge list by genre (bedtime, adventure, princess, farms, pictures (acrylic, charcoal, collage, etc), wordless books, VERY beginning readers. This will see you through high school.


International Reading Association

These lists are organized by age, and there is a list for the last ten years. Some annotation is included.

American Library Association’s children’s lists which include award winners.


Okanagan Regional Library

It's just down the street at the CNC!  Check out their website here