​​​​​​​Welcome to the DWE Library!
**Watch for the Scholastic Book Fair in November**

Our Teacher-Librarian is Mrs. Erin Semashkewich and our Library Assistant is Mrs. Lisa Sanderson. Our goal is to foster a love of reading in our students, through regular visits to the library, participation in library programs and an understanding of how information is organized and used through resource-based instruction. The library is also open 8:30-9:00 am every  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, as well as, after school 2:30-2:45 pm every day except Fridays for anyone wanting to exchange books outside of their regularly scheduled class times.  Both students and parents are encouraged to exchange books after school.  

 Weekly Book Exchange Schedule 2020-2021






Book Borrowing:

All Primary students  may borrow 2 books and all Intermediate students  may borrow 3 books. Students working on special projects may request to borrow additional books.
We encourage students to choose widely from our "menu" - Fiction, Non-Fiction, "Everybody" books (story books).  We typically loan about 30,000 books per year to the avid DWE student readers! 

Find a book in our collection?  Here's the link to our catalogue ... Find A Book