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Parent Advisory Council
*** Our PAC is currently reviewing their bylaws.  At the most recent PAC meeting on March 8, 2023, our Bylaws Committee presented the Draft Constitution & Bylaws they have been working on this year. The previous constitution & bylaws were updated in 2004. The intention is to vote to repeal the 2004 version and replace them with the new version. The vote will take place at our next PAC meeting on April 18, 2023.  Please click below to view the proposed draft.​
DWE Draft Bylaws 2023.pdf​​​

At DWE we believe that by involving and informing parents we will have a more supportive and effective school environment for our children.  Let's work together to ensure our children have the best possible school experience.   To contact the PAC, please email:

  • Did you know...PAC fundraising events will fund 22 important projects valued at $40,000 this year?  Projects range from literacy supplies to technology to outdoor play environments and more.  Volunteerism and school participation makes the DWE experience better for students!
  • Upcoming PAC Meetings will be posted on the DWE website calendar.
  • Keep up to date and follow the DWE PAC Facebook page http:/


Executive Roles for the 2022/2023 school year:

  • President (Chair): Jen Widmer
  • Vice President (Vice Chair): Nicole Goodis
  • Co-Treasurers: Trudi Trask & Taralee Burton
  • Secretary: Jennifer Drever 
  • COPAC Rep: Eduardo Martinez
  • Members-at-large: Rene Woolley, Ashley Rowan, Kim Hafeman, Ashleigh Christensen, Briana Havey, Leah Williams, Stephanie Harland

Committee Leads for the 2022/2023 school year:

  • Family Fun Night: vacant
  • Hot-Lunch Co-Coordinator: Stephanie Becker, need a second coordinator
  • Grad Committee Coordinator: Michelle Desborough, Ashley Rowan & Elanda Baumgartner
  • Art Cards Coordinator: Kendra Dixson & Michelle Desborough
  • Parent Social Night Coordinator: vacant
  • Spring Dance Coordinator: vacant
  • Valentines Hot Chocolate Coordinator: vacant
  • Communications Coordinator: Roseanne Kufeldt

PAC meetings

Come find out how DWE supports student learning, get the Principal's updates, learn about PAC sponsored events, be aware of school district changes and more. 

Hope to see you....  6:00 pm in the Library - Next Meeting will be January 19, 2023

DWE PAC AGM Minutes - September 2022.pdf â€‹

DWE PAC Meeting Minutes - October 2022.pdf

​DWE PAC Meeting Minutes - November 2022.pdf

 DWE PAC Meeting Minutes - January 2023.pdf

DWE PAC Meeting Minutes - February 2023.pdf

DWE PAC Meeting Minutes - March 8 2023.pdf

Contact a DWE PAC Executive for more information.