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École Dorothea Walker Elementary
Home of the Wildcats
Our Staff

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DWE Staff for the 2016-2017 school year:

Mrs. Susan Bergen
Ms. Mary Berg Vice-Principal

​English Teaching Staff:
Mrs. A. Gaertner
​Mrs. P. Kennedy
Ms. G. Allison
​Ms. D. Jensen ​Primary
Mr. K. Nicholls
Mrs. J. Summerland/Mrs. L. Greyell
Ms. C. Newell
Mrs. N. Spevakow/Mrs. B. Clevette

​French Teaching Staff:
​Mme P. Dean-Veerman
​Mme L. Nadeau

Mme M. Hayward

​Mme M. Morden
​Mme S. Lea
​Mme P. Mondor

Mme. M. Pastinelli

Mme J. Currie

​Mme N. Perrier

Mme K. Harding

​Mme M. Hoodless




​Support Teachers:
​Mrs. S. Murdoch Black ​Librarian
​Mrs. M. Boake ​Music, Dance, Drama
Mr. M. Challmie
​Ms. K. Regier
​Resource Teacher
Mrs. L. Greyell ​Learning Assistance - English
Mme. J. Brunel
​Learning Support - French

​Support Staff:
​Mrs. T. Dahle ​Administrative Assistant
Mrs. S. Jilek

Ms. G. Mazza
Office Clerk

Library Clerk

Ms. C. Normandeau

Mrs. C. McCavanagh

Mr. L. Jones

Certified Education Assistant

Certified Education Assistant

Certified Education Assistant
​Mrs. B. Wilkinson
Certified Education Assistant
​Mrs. M. Berisoff Certified Education Assistant
​Mr. C. Filliol ​Day Custodian
​Mr. B. Lutz ​Evening Custodian
​Mrs. Wingham, Mrs. Thiessen,
Mrs. Fairey, Mrs. Evans,  Mrs. Gyuris
​Noon Hour Supervisors